Lavenda Breeze

About Anegada and Lavenda Breeze

Completed in February 2001, Lavenda Breeze is unique. It is the only luxury beachfront villa on the northern coast of Anegada in the British Virgin Islands.

Anegada, though the second largest of the British Virgin Islands in area, has a very small population of only 180 residents. It differs, too, from the other islands in that it is the only coral atoll in the BVI (the others are volcanic) with a maximum elevation of only 26 feet above sea level.

It's a quiet place with a fascinating history of shipwrecks on the reefs near its shores, plus interesting fauna such as sea turtles, pelicans, the endangered Anegada iguana, flamingoes, Anegada lobsters and more --- and flora such as cactus, wild orchids, palms, sea grapes, loblolly trees, and bay lavenda all along the shore.

For years, Anegada has been a favorite destination for yachtsmen, sought out for its dreamy quiet seclusion and for its miles upon miles of empty, pure white sand beaches. It continues to be a beach-lover's paradise.

Loblolly Bay is the most prized beach on Anegada for swimming and snorkeling. About 1½ miles long along its gentle arc, Loblolly hosts two small beach bars, one at either end: "Big Bamboo" and "Flash of Beauty". In the center of the arc is Lavenda Breeze.

Since Lavenda Breeze is situated right on the beach, you will walk out your door to the best swimming and snorkeling in the BVI. Or you can sit on the covered deck and relax or read, always protected from the tropical sun, while you watch the waves break on the reef. At night watch an occasional cruise ship or tanker pass by silently on the horizon.

The 360 degree deck affords a view for miles without any other houses in sight. It is truly a feeling of being on "the edge of the earth," "out of this world," in paradise!


Lavenda Breeze
Loblolly Sign
The deck