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Activities on Anegada

Anegada is a relaxed and quiet island known for its miles of marvelous beaches, extensive coral reefs and other natural resources.

For years Anegada's remoteness has endeared it to sailors seeking a romantic destination. Now the charm of the "Caribbean past" long sought by sailors is available to those seeking a land-based vacation.

When flying in by small plane from San Juan, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, or St. Thomas you can't help but notice the incredible coral reefs, the long stretches of undeveloped, totally natural beaches with a steady gentle rolling surf, incredible turquoise water, and inland salt ponds, home to flamingoes. Maybe you glimpse the small cluster of houses called "The Settlement" where most Anegadans live. Now is the time to explore.

On Anegada most daytime activities center around sun, sand, and sea. The beaches offer excellent swimming and snorkeling. There is reef fishing, bonefishing, and deep-sea fishing. Walk along the beach, exploring as you go; collect shells, take a refreshing dip, or just drink in Anegada's unspoiled beauty. Drop in for a cool one or a meal at one of the three great beach bars with the romantic names of The Big Bamboo, Flash of Beauty, and Cow Wreck. Rent a sea kayak or a bicycle. Read a book under the shade of a beach umbrella. Venture by boat to see mountains of conch shells piled high in the sea over centuries by Awarak and Carib Indians.

Or head to The Settlement for some groceries, a fresh bread from Dotsy's bakery, or a video from Pal's. Check out the Anegada Iguana Head Start Program where you can see Anegadans' efforts to repopulate the island with the endangered Cyclura pinguis. Or head west searching for wild orchids or for flamingoes at the salt ponds. Visit the gift and pottery shops or the museum at Pomato Point with shipwreck lore. Maybe take an island tour with Tony's Taxi.

Dining out on Anegada is toes-in-the-sand informal. There are about eight nice restaurants which serve barbeque, fish, conch, and the famous Anegada lobster (not to be missed). Some restaurants and bars stay open late, but generally Anegada is a very quiet place by midnight.

Mostly, though, plan on shifting to "island time," winding down, and finding serenity.


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